About Us

Baton Rouge Foods Ltd, a concern of The Baton Rouge Group, is a leading producer and marketer of packaged dry foods in Bangladesh. We operate in producing various items such as breads, assorted toasts, all kinds of cakes and biscuits and many more delicious snack items. With over 50 kinds of different items, our products are carefully sealed and distributed fresh to markets at every corner in the country.

Baton Rouge Foods Ltd was launched in 2010 and has earned the trust and has become a favorite amongst a wide range of customers nationally. Our factory, situated in Gazipur, hosts a vast number of employees whose main target is to meet the needs of each and every customer. Our wide range of products offer variety in taste but each product contains the distinguished value of quality that has made our brand so popular.

The one product with stands out from all our other products and has created a hype in the market is the Spicy Toast. Perfect with tea, or on its own, with a unique combination of rich flavor and tanginess, the Spicy Toast leaves a taste in the mouth that has a comparison to none other.

With almost 350 distributors nationwide, Baton Rouge Foods Ltd is a house hold name and continues to offer commitment to export quality production and service to achieve customers' satisfaction all over the country.

We Believe In The Following 3 Things :

  • 1. QUALITY
  • 2. QUALITY and...
  • 3. QUALITY!!!